We are truly the Best Bulletproof Vest

BestBulletproof.com manufactures the best bulletproof vest on the market. It’s that simple. We make a better product at a better price! From the company’s inception, it has always been about the safety of the customer. Our company was designed from the ground up to deliver a better vest at a lower price. That’s why no expense has ever been spared when developing this armor and we never cut any corners. Its not about making a slight better vest or finding a compromise between cost and quality. We take every precaution to ensure perfection and excellence. We only offer armor that exceeds government standards.We only offer armor with full edged blade, stab, and spike resistance above the United States Government’s maximum standards. Our hard armor is safer and more effective than softer armor and keeping clients alive is our only concern.

The Vest

Not only have we pushed the boundaries of ballistic resistance our state of the art tactical plate carriers are one of a kind and cannot be replicated. The durability of our plate carriers allows us to offer a full 10 year warranty. They include high tensile strength Molle webbing to allow for limitless customization and our patented, fully adjustable ballistic tactical harness system to ensure a comfortable fit for operators of any size. Most importantly, all of our bulletproof vests offer larger plates which provides an enhance ballistic strike face thus more protection for the user.

The Armor

The Best Bulletproof Vest is truly the safest & strongest body armor ever produced. We only manufacture the most advanced solid state bulletproof vests. All bulletproof vests are handmade, assembled, and individually inspected by ballistics experts right here in the United States. Our body armor is over engineered to outperform even the most stringent government standards. All ballistic materials are sourced domestically under our direct supervision and tested only in independent government sanctioned weapons labs.

Strike Face

Many bulletproof vests have typical ar500 hard armor, but not only do we employ stronger and more reliable armor we also provide some of the largest strike faces of any vest on the market, ensuring maximum coverage. Like in all aspects of our vests our ballistic plates far exceed the government size and durability regulations.

Perfect Fit

Our patented Modular Adjustment Harness System or Tactical MAHS is so simple yet versatile that we guarantee a perfect fit for operators of any and all sizes. One size doesn’t ever truly fit all, so we made a vest that changes into any size. Simply make a few adjustments and your vest is ready to comfortably fit any operator regardless of size or gender.


All vests come standard with Molle webbing. Molle is Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment. Molle webbing on the vest allows you to attach a wide array of tactical accessories to tailor a full custom tactical load out fine tuned to the operators exact specification. MOLLE allows you to safely and securely carry multiple attachments, and our quick draw Molle attachment design allows you to adapt to ever changing scenarios in the field and modify your load out on the go.It can be changed quickly and easily which allows for complete adaptability even in rapidly shifting combat scenarios. Use this hidden promo code: MOLLE for $10 off / free full tactical loadout of matching MOLLE gear attachements for your vest.


All vests are given a full 10 year warranty. The plate carrier is comprised of a breathable yet rugged material from our proprietary textile blend, that is guaranteed to last in any and all conditions. So feel free to use the vest in any way your mission deems necessary. We haven't been able to break down the materials even after subjecting the vest to multiple grueling field tests while actively trying to damage the vest in extreme conditions with aggressive overuse and abuse.
“If you can break this vest we’d love to hear about how, then send you a brand new one.” -Field Testing Department


Asphalt Black, Desert Tan, Olive Drab Green, Digital Camo, ACU Camo

Color Swatches

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