Bulletproof Backpack



NIJ IIIA: Light weight military grade protection

NIJ III :   Heavier for increased protection

NIJ III+:  Maintains weight maximizes protection


Weight Armor Levels 1-5 Pricing


2-3 lbs Level 4 $199


8-9 lbs Level 5 $199


8-9 lbs

 Level 5 +


 Fully adjustable bullet proof backpack to fit operators of any size. Durable, high tensile fabric with integrated MOLLE webbing to allow for full customization of tactical loadout. Plates engineered to exceed all required government standards for military and law enforcement. Exceeds NIJ 0101.06 Standard for ballistic protection, as well as exceeds NIJ Standard 0115.00 for protection against stab, spike, and edged blade attacks. Testing carried out by independent, government approved weapons labs. Individually manufactured, tested, assembled, inspected, and packaged in America. Includes free shipping and a 10 year warranty.